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Our experiences with Dr. Joel Ross of the Memory Enhancement Center have been nothing but excellent. Every single time. From the very beginning, and continuing over at least a two year period, Dr. Ross displayed a keen interest in my husband's condition, and offered him support, courage and expertise to help him fight the battle. His knowledge, forbearance and keen ability to communicate effectively offered us both an opportunity to learn deeply about my husband's condition and its challenges, but without depressing or demoralizing either of us. Quite an accomplishment!

Throughout our fight against this disease, we found physicians who were either not terribly interested, not all that well informed or just uninspiring representatives for their field of medicine. None of them went the extra mile for us. Dr. Ross was none of these - he was the opposite in all circumstances. Further, I very much admired how he was able to ascertain who my husband is, or was; the way he addressed that almost-missing person was astonishing, and earned my husband's trust and attention right away. Above all this, Dr. Ross's cheerful demeanor was a tonic and we found it unmatched.

Dr. Ross's passion throughout virtually all of his career is to seek and discover the cause of Alzheimer's Disease. Because of this goal, he has researched the illness while treating, observing and testing AD patients over many years, and with his ground-breaking CogWellin project, which has shown such promise - and for good reason - if it were well funded, it just might put Alzheimer's in the history books. Families like ours can only hope and pray for his continued success.

[Name hidden]

Hi Doctor Ross,
Alex is the same amazing person trapped inside a body that is failing him more so with each passing day. His brilliance is shadowed by the dark cloud of his disease yet he shows the grace and goodness we'd expect to see only on our finest day, and that is if we recognize and appreciate it. It is because of him I am strong and for him I will stay that way. It is the hardest thing I have ever done and perhaps the saddest thing I have ever seen. This whole thing is too hard to wrap my mind around. It's so frustrating, it makes no sense, but yet is is. There's no peace, no explanation, no escape. There are, however, so many caring people that fuel me with the support I need to continue on. You art truly one of those people. As a doctor and a friend, you are there with your experience and understanding. I am sure you are as frustrated as me and yet you begin each day fresh and strong, determined to conquer this ugly monster. You have helped by caring and listening. Please, if there are any new trials, developments or suggestions, pass them along. Thank you everything you do.


Hi Doctor Ross,
It was a pleasure meeting with you. I have scheduled both my parents for the mri's and pet scans for May 25th. I greatly appreciate your kindness with my parents. My mom was very upset prior to meeting with you and you were able to put her at ease. All she remembers is how nice you were. It was so nice to have you treat them with respect for their intelligence even though it is impaired with their illness.

Thank you!

Dear Dr. Ross,
On behalf of the Neptune Township Department of Senior Services and Senior Center, I would like to take this opportunity to express our most sincere appreciation to you for bringing such a great program to our Center. "What You Need to Know About Memory Loss" was a tremendous success and received wonderful accolades.

The feedback from the seniors was extremely positive, and many have already expressed their dsire to have more presentations by you in the future. We are delighted to be able to work with you in our efforts to provide quality services to the older adults in our community; and, we look forward to you returning to our Center soon.

Thank you again for taking the time from your busy schedule. Have a nice summer.

Rosemary Gray, Director

Dr. Ross:
Just wanted to take a moment to thank you as well as Ashley Clayton for the kind consideration given to my husband, as well as myself.

At all times, both you and Ashley acted professionally and took the necessary time to answer all our questions and to address our concerns. Ashley was particularly helpful and always made us feel at home at the Memory Center.

Unfortunately, as you probably know by now, my husband had a urinary problem and stopped the medication. We were disappointed, but we are taking one day at a time. It is so good to know that there are so many people that care and working on a cure for Alzheimer's.

Thank you for making a difference. I appreciate the efforts both you and Ashley are devoting to this cause. Hopefully, we will be reconsidered in three months.

Judi Lampe

Dear Dr. Ross and Staff,
I want to take this time to thank you and your staff for the treatment and care you gave my father over the years! You still treated my dad with dignity and talked to him directly as a person. I hope that by us being in the clinical study that some day others will benefit. You know my dad doesn't remember much; but he always recommended you asking him baseball questions!!! Thanks again.

Deabie and Clinton

Dear Dr. Ross,
This expression of my greatfulness is long overdue. I want to thank you for your excellence in co-ordinating Warren's care. He had the utmost respect for you from your first meeting. As your relationship developed, his respect increased and he valued your friendship more and more. He often told the story of how you had the unfortunate task of telling him that he had cancer. Then, how you did the research on the best course to follow and helped him make the best decision. You were the constant inspiration to him to keep fighting. Cancer destroyed his body, but not his spirit.

- No Name

Dear Joel,
Thank you from the bottom of our haerts for being such a great doctor.

Louis and Marvin

Dr. Ross,
Your connections and thoughtfulness as well as sharp, keen eye meant the difference in a time that was very difficult. We thank God for people like you in this world and in yor profession.

Our deepest gratititude,
Karl and Randy

Dear Dr. Ross,
Our infinite apprecaition for your compassion and care. You brought Dad back to us from oblivion. You provided him and our family 2.5 absolutely wonderful and unforgettable years. You gave of yourself like no other doctor. We are blessed that you took Dad on as a patient. You do your profession and humanity proud.

P.S. Thank you for your presence at the funeral.

All our love,
The D'onofrio and
Pressimone Families

Dear Dr. Ross,
During such a debilitating illness, your advice and willingness to help our family to keep her home has helped enormously. I hope you continue to remain energized in helping fight for those affected. I also wanted to thank you sincerely for your kind and generous treatment of her.

- No Name