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About The Center

The Memory Enhancement Center of America has a full-service location dedicated to determining the source of memory loss in anyone over fifty.

Our goal is to confirm or refute an existing diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease and adjust the medications accordingly. We determine if one's memory loss is due to other medical conditions. The great majority of our comprehensive, advanced diagnostic testing are covered by your Medicare or traditional healthcare insurance. Our services are completely free of charge to you or your insurance. Any non-clinical study related treatments are often covered by Medicare and other forms of health insurance. We offer these services in a friendly, warm setting while determining why you are experiencing memory issues. Your questions will be answered as reassurance and hope for a better future is available at the Memory Enhancement Center of America.

Eatontown Center

The Memory Enhancement Center of America in Eatontown, NJ is the the preeminent independent reseach facility in New Jersey conducting clinical trials evaluating the safety and effectiveness of pharmaceutical agents being investigated as therapeutic agents for Alzheimer's disease and Mild Cogitive Impairment (MCI). It is permanently staffed by Mark Ornstein, MD, study coordinators, pharmacists, and sessional psychologists, and was founded by Dr. Ross. This center offers free memory evaluations for those individuals between the ages of fifty and ninety with memory concerns. Eligibile and interested individuals with memory loss may participate in clinical trials.
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